Past Life

Every soul reincarnates aiming for 'nirvana' or to become fully enlightened, whatever your beliefs the soul is aiming to become whole and balanced. Past lives affect your current life every day and have done since before you even entered this life, these previous lives decide on what karma needs to be balanced and what lessons and path you must walk upon in this life to grow. Often this means the soul carries baggage from these lifetimes, which needs to be resolved to prevent the reoccurance in every lifetime that follows.


On this two day course you will explore different techniques to help you reveal past lives that are relevant to your life now. Whether this to be remind you of something positive that you need to bring forward or to heal something that is causing you issues now because it has not  been addressed. This is all done in a safe and protected enviroment in which you are in control, you do not have to deal with anything you are not ready for and you can say so.


During the course you will connect with your past life guides, explore how certain interests link to previous lives, look to see if any health issues or fears can be linked to past lives and healed. You will also explore non-human lifetimes form animals to non-earthly beings. Also within the course you will meet your soul family and be taken to the Akashic Records and shown your own book.


The above is achieved through a range of meditations and techniques, group work, deepening techniques and the use of prompts.


The course is ran over two days either consecutive or with a week between the days. Each day runs for 10-4 (approx) with an hour lunch break. No previous experience is needed just a willingness to explore and an interest in your past lives. All are welcome.

 The cost of the course is £60.


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